Best Irons For Sewing – 2020 Complete Round-up

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An iron is an indispensable tool for anyone who is truly serious about sewing. How can you effectively cut your fabric if it is all wrinkly and has the potential to look totally different when it is smooth? However, it is best to go with an iron that is designed specifically for sewing projects, as opposed to a regular all-purpose iron, if you really want the best effects.

Read on to learn more about sewing irons and how they can take your sewing game to the next level.

Comparison Chart of the Best Irons For Sewing

  • Our top overall choice for best iron for sewing.
  • Soleplate is stainless steel and guaranteed to never rust.
  • Has four hundred micro steam holes to distribute the steam.
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  • Aluminum soleplate has a smooth, anti-stick finish.
  • Our top choice for runner-up for best iron for sewing.
  • Automatic shut off and automatic anti-drip systems are included.
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  • Our choice of iron for sewing for the money.
  • Flashes “ready” when it’s heated up to the appropriate temperature.
  • LCD display shows the current temperature, working mode, and steam level.
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  • Our best choice for a top small iron for sewing.
  • Our best choice for a top small iron for sewing.
  • Has the option to switch between 100 and 240 volts.
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  • Our editor’s pick for best iron for sewing.
  • Three steam settings: horizontal burst, vertical burst, and continuous burst.
  • iTouch technology has added safety features preventing scorching or tipping.
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Are All Irons The Same?

The short answer to this question is that no, not all irons are the same. The longer answer is that there are a variety of different irons that have been designed for multiple different uses. There are irons that are specifically designed for quilting, and for handling heavier and thicker fabrics.

There are irons that are intended to be used on the go or to be packed along while traveling – these irons are typically much smaller than other types of irons, which also means they are less powerful, but they sometimes have additional convenience features like quick heating for maximum efficiency.

And there are irons that are intended for everyday use, with your basic sewing fabrics and techniques, which are likely your most reliable choice. It is up to you to determine what you most anticipate using your iron for, and go from there when choosing which type of iron is best for you.

How to Choose an Iron for Sewing

How do you know which iron is best, though? Here are some of the most important qualities we believe you should be looking out for:

Steam Distribution

This is probably the most important quality in an iron. The way it distributes steam will affect its ability to unwrinkled fabric, which is kind of the whole point. Look for an iron with many steam holes to distribute steam evenly.


Who wants to sit around all day and wait for their iron to heat up, or even worse, for it to cool off so you can put it away? Look for an iron with a quick heating feature, and one that will cool off rapidly. Many irons also have additional features to boost their efficiency and make the ironing process go faster overall.


As anyone who has ever ironed anything more complex than a t-shirt knows, it can be a real pain in the butt to iron complicated garments. Anything with pockets, zippers, or cuffs can be a struggle. But with a precise ironing tip, that struggle will become notably easier. Look out for precision tips when searching for the best ironing options.

Review of the Best Irons for Sewing

Now that you have a better sense of the multiple different types of sewing irons, as well as what separates a good iron for sewing from a bad option, let’s go look at some actual ironing products:

Best Overall:
Rowenta DW5080

Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown


  • Has seventeen hundred watts of power.
  • Ergonomic control makes it easy to hold.
  • Works well even on difficult fabrics and materials.
  • Features include an anti-drip system and a sharper precision tip.
  • Rowenta is a well-respected sewing tools manufacturer that you will be able to trust.


  • Water fill level line is difficult to see.
  • Does not heat up particularly quickly.
  • Has a tendency to calcify if you do not run the steam feature for a bit after emptying it.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were super impressed with the number of steam holes present on this model. It has four hundred micro steam holes, which will distribute the steam in a much more even fashion than pretty much any other model available on the market today.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We loved that the soleplate is made of stainless steel, meaning that no matter how often you use it, it is guaranteed to never rust.

Who Will Use This Most

This iron is endorsed for both professional and home use. With its increased efficiency, it is probably best used in a professional setting.

Bottom Line

The Rowenta DW5080 is an amazing model and our choice for best overall pick thanks to its steam distribution ability and stainless steel soleplate. Just know that at its highest setting, it can produce a burnt plastic smell.


BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron, F67E


  • Heats up quickly.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Detailer tip is particularly precise.
  • Weight is nicely balanced in the hand.
  • Can be adjusted using one simple dial.


  • Can’t handle every type of fabric smoothly.
  • Has a tendency to leak after sustained use.
  • Some aspects of the iron are poorly designed and feel cheap.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love the soleplate of this model. It has an aluminum finish that is specifically designed to be anti-stick, so it glides over many different fabric types with ease.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We were impressed by the automatic features on this model. They include both an automatic shut off and an automatic anti-drip system. Plus, it has clear temperature and fabric type indicators.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a versatile iron that is straightforward and easy to use, look no further. Everything about this iron can be controlled with just one simple dial.

Bottom Line

The BLACK & DECKER F67E is a fantastic product option that will make your ironing life easier with its automatic shut off and anti-drip options, and its smooth aluminum finish. The one thing to look out for with this model is that since most of its surface is hot metal, it can be fairly easy to burn yourself.

Best for the Money:
Black & Decker D2030

BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron, LCD Screen, Gray, D2030


  • Has a high steam rate.
  • Handle is comfortable to grip.
  • Uses fifteen hundred watts of power.
  • Enhances safety with an automatic shut off feature.
  • Strikes a good balance between durability and power.


  • Power cord is not retractable.
  • Water cap feels fragile and cheap.
  • No memory feature to memorize recent settings.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers greatly appreciate the LCD display on this model. It allows you to easily see the current steam level as well as the iron’s temperature, and it will also display the working mode the iron is in.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We were blown away that a Black & Decker product could really be available for such a low, low price. We initially believed that it was a fraud and not actually made by Black & Decker – but we could not be happier to be wrong! This model is a steal of a deal, price-wise.

Who Will Use This Most

If you do not want to put a ton of work into your ironing and just get it done quickly, this model is a great option. Its digital settings will auto adjust to provide the perfect amount of steam for the fabric you are working with.

Bottom Line

The Black & Decker D2030 is a top-notch product option that you will not be able to comprehend that you can buy for such a low price. But be aware – it tends to drip during the first few minutes of ironing, so watch out.

Best Small Sewing Iron:
Steamfast Mini Travel

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage, Travel Bag, Non-Stick Soleplate, Anti-Slip Handle, Rapid Heating, 420W Power, White


  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack and transport.
  • Steamfast provides excellent customer service.
  • Includes a plastic measuring cup and a travel bag.
  • One of the best options for quick ironing, as it heats up in fifteen seconds.


  • Only has three steam holes on its tip.
  • Not the greatest at the steam spread.
  • Does not work particularly well on quilts

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love the many different features this iron has that makes it a great option for traveling. You can switch between operating this model on one hundred and two hundred forty volts, making it versatile and able to be used in many different types of outlets. Plus, it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We could not believe that this iron is as small as it is, yet still boasts four hundred and twenty watts of power. That is a lot of punch for such a tiny iron!

Who Will Use This Most

As mentioned above, this is an excellent option for a travel iron. But also, if you live in an apartment and are looking for an iron that will not take up a ton of storage space, this is a great choice for you.

Bottom Line

The Steamfast Mini Travel is a star of an iron that is particularly great for traveling. Keep in mind that its small size leads to its handle becoming pretty warm while you are using it.

Editor’s Pick:
Oliso Pro TG1600

Oliso Pro TG1600 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology, 1800 Watts (Pink)


  • Powerful and durable.
  • Can heat up within seconds.
  • Props itself up when not in use.
  • Uses eighteen hundred watts of power.
  • Soleplate has thick chromium finish to work smoothly on virtually any type of fabric.


  • Has a tendency to spit water.
  • Emptying the water tank is a difficult process.
  • Sometimes struggles with getting to the higher temperatures.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are huge fans of the iTouch technology featured on this model. This incorporates a number of different safety features to prevent the iron from tipping over, scorching your fabric, or burning your skin.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We liked several of the design features on this model, including its three steam settings, which are horizontal burst, vertical burst, and continuous burst. Plus, it has a two-inch detailer tip which is great for getting in between cuffs, pockets, and other tricky spots.

Who Will Use This Most

Users report that this iron is an excellent choice for quilters, crafters, and sewers, so it is an extremely versatile option.

Bottom Line

The Oliso Pro TG1600 is an all-around excellent product choice that is especially great when it comes to user safety and some awesome design features. The only thing to consider is that it does not produce as much steam as some of the other models on this list.

Perks of Getting a New Iron for Sewing

If you have been working with a reliable sewing iron, why should you spend money to upgrade to a newer model? Here are the biggest reasons to do so:

Technological Advances

If you are working with an older iron, you are kind of living in the dark ages at this point. Today’s irons have automatic shut off and heating capabilities, and some even have LCD screens to display their temperature and other settings.

Safety Features

For centuries, ironing has been a dangerous proposition that essentially guaranteed you would burn yourself or your clothing at some point during the process. But this is no longer the case. The irons of today have a number of safety features to prevent burning and scorching.


Today’s irons are not just for one specific type of fabric. With all of their different settings, most of them can handle virtually any kind of fabric you throw at them. Forget about switching out to different irons for your various fabric types!


Irons for sewing are a real game-changer. If you have been using a regular all-purpose iron, we guarantee you will notice the difference if you make the switch. Make sure to invest in a sewing iron that will best serve your purpose, whether that is for traveling, or for quilting. We promise that no matter what you choose to go with, you will not be able to strike out with a model from our list above.